Winter Base Makeup Tips
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1. Apply a sheet mask
Among all winter base makeup tips, moisturizing always tops the list. For lasting hydration, add a sheet mask at the end of your skincare routine. Simply adding this single step to your routine will give you the glowing-from-within effect.

Select the right sheet mask according to your skin type and specific skin concerns!
Customized Sheet Mask with Various Ampoule Types
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2. Don’t forget sun protection
Though some might overlook the importance of sunscreen in winter, winter sun rays can be much more powerful than you think. Sun protection is a year-round task to prevent skin irritation, so never skip sunscreen even during winter.

Hydrating sunscreens are especially recommended, as they can also work as makeup base to lock in moisture for your dry and flaky skin. Protect and prep your skin with moisture-rich sunscreen!
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3. Mix your hydrating primer with foundation
During winter season, toners, ampoules, and creams might not be enough to provide your skin the moisture it needs.

If this is the case for you, give a hydrating primer a go!
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  1. Mix the hydrating primer with foundation in a 1:3 ratio.
  2. Use the tips of your fingers to evenly spread and pat the mixture onto the skin.
  3. For an even more glowing look, gently pat and press the areas that need highlighting, such as cheekbones, nose, and chin.

These steps will give you a lightweight, yet luminous glow all day long!
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