Contouring 101
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Getting the contouring right can take your makeup game to the next level, adding some extra polish. However, over-contouring or contouring in unnecessary areas can ironically ruin your entire look. To nail the contouring that flatters you, it is key to know the right techniques along with the perfect contouring products and tools!
1. Contouring Must-Haves
#Powder Etude Talk
#Stick Etude Talk
#Customized Brush Etude Talk for eye/nose/jaw area
With these contouring items, you are all set!
2. Contouring Tips
Here are some simple, but essential steps & tips for contouring:
#Nose Contouring
Etude Talk
  1. Use a contour stick to define the shape of your nose bridge.
  2. Gently blend it with your fingers.
  3. Add more depth to your nose by using a contour powder and customized nose contour brush.
#Natural Over-Lip Look
Etude Talk
  1. Define your lip line with a contour stick to achieve plump lips. (Draw slightly beyond the lip line and blend naturally.)
  2. For a longer-lasting over-lip look, finish off with a contour powder!
#Slimming the Face
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  1. Apply base makeup products (face primer, foundation, etc.) as evenly as possible, and sweep a little amount of loose powder along the face line to prevent clumping.
  2. Use a contour stick to add depth around your cheek area.
  3. Complete the look with a contour powder for a longer stay!
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