1. The Best Brow Solution For Every Brow Problem #BareEdgeSlimBrow #BareEdgeBrowFixer
  2. Pure Makeup Look for Warm Undertone #PlayColorEyesCasaFig
  3. Get Ready For Fall with Autumn Closet & New Fixing Tint!
  4. Don't Miss Out our #MintChoco For Your Glittery Eyes!
  5. Learn how to Create a Sweet Mint Choco Makeup Look!
  6. Real Cool Tone Makeup with Dusty Cat #All Hit-Pan Eyeshadow Palette
  7. [ETUDE X HYOJIN] Defining But Natural Contour Makeup with "Contour Powder"
  8. French Rose Tea Pot Makeup Look with Mini Objet x Fixing Tint
  9. Water Color Makeup Look with "Veil Breeze" Collection~
  10. Milk Chocolate Makeup Look with #HERSHEY KISSES COLLECTION
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