1. Colors of Freshly Baked Cookies #CookieChips Palette
  2. Perfect Combination of Matt & Matt-Peal & Shimmer & Glitter #WinterCheckered #PlayColorEyesMini
  3. Get Ready For the Holiday With All the Glitters and Pearls!
  4. Start Your Skin Care with Moistfull Collagen and Have Brighter Skin Like Doa!
  5. #BearEdgeSlimBrow Will Solve All Your Concerns with Your Eye Brow!
  6. Lasts All Day! No Need to Worry About Your Lashes! ETUDE NEW #CurlFixMascara!
  7. Create Your Own Palette With Your Favorite Colors! #PalettePlayTime
  8. Chosen by the #OKBeauty! A Detailed Touch For Your Brow #BearEdgeBrowFixer
  9. A Mascara of the Year! Highly Recommended by a Youtuber, Leo J!
  10. #FindYourColor! A Robot will Create Your Own Personal Foundation Color!
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