• How much does it cost for worldwide shipping?

    - DHL: United States / Canada / Oceania / Middle East / Africa
    - Korea Post: Asia / Central and South America
    - ePantos: Vietnam
    For Shipping fee table, Click here.

  • Please explain us the worldwide shipping process?

    Departure → Accepted by shipping company → Dispatch from Korea → Arrival in your destination → Custom Clearance → Local Shipping → Delivered

  • How long does it take to get my item?

    Usually Standard shipping mostly takes 15 or 30 business days.
    Premium shipping(EMS) takes 3~7 business days. (Max 2 weeks).
    DHL shipping mostly takes 1~4 business days.
    ※ Estimate shipping dates are variable, according to the custom clearance procedure and post office delivery situation.

  • How can I track my items?

    For registered customers
    Go to My Account & My Orders.
    You can click the order you made.
    ▶ Click here to track.

    For guest customers
    ▶ Click here to track. If the Order Status is “Shipped”, you will be able to see the updated tracking information.

  • How can I change the shipping information?

    We cannot change the shipping information once the order is made.
    The only method you can take is to cancel the order and reorder with correct address.
    You can click "Hold" button in your account if the order is still in "Placed" status and please send us an email to cancel the order.
    ※ In case the order status have already become "In Progress” or “Shipped”, cancellation is not available.

  • My parcel's status is not updated on tracking site for a few days.

    For your first shipping information, it takes several days to be updated.
    However, the information can not be updated during the parcel transport for a while.
    Therefore, please try again later.

  • How much will I get refund for returned parcels?

    Returned Parcels mostly needs to be refunded deducting the first shipping fee.
    For more details, please refer to [CANCELLATION & REFUND] section of Shopping Guide page.
    ▶ Click here to see our refund policies.

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