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Our products cover a diverse world of integrated multimedia developments. If you think you need something similar to the products below, drop a line.

This is a multimedia product which integrates phone access with system processes. Current features include, among others, the ability to have your voicemail deliverd via email or made available via RealAudio (with protection), leaving messages for other subscribers, ping and host status of selected hosts or services.
Monitor your NEXTSTEP computers remotely with an advanced and extensible tool. The client software connects to the server daemon via MACH messaging performed with Distributed Objects. The strong inheritance structure of Objective-C and rapid development environment provided by NEXTSTEP lends itself to flexible implementations. The current offering includes Sybase, remote compilation and printer management modules as well as many others.
User your computer's audio capability and a 9600 baud serial port to interface to dictation handset. All audio and playback controls are handled with you selected dictation handset's controls. Custom software can interpret dictation handset button combinations and execute necessary code.
Serial Port Drivers
Integrate touchscreen technology or bar code technology onto your custom desktop applications. Functionality on multi-user environments is only limited by the time for implementation ...


Diversity across many areas of interests are stressed as a strength in providing a sound delivery of a product. Below are a few services that have been popular.

PostScript® Consulting
Adobe PostScript software development and distilling for your PDF publications.
NEXTSTEP™ Programmer Training
The world's finest object-oriented application delivery environment.
Custom Software Development
Anything is possible until proven otherwise. Even then there are skeptics.
Miniature Databases
Browse a little SQL database with a couple million records ...

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